semafori allestimento vetrina

On occasion of Milan Design Week, Stagnoli Accessories was delighted to collaborate with Calzedonia Group, a leading clothing sector company, to fit out a shop window using traffic lights, bringing to life an original design for the shop located in the heart of Milan.

The traffic lights project by Stagnoli Accessories for Calzedonia’s shop window in Milan

The collaboration with the ethical designer Simone Sabatti and Calzedonia Group led to the development of the shop window fit out with Stagnoli traffic lights, a distinguishing element in Calzedonia’s shop in Via Vittorio Emanuele in Milan.

The window design was developed using Stagnoli Accessories traffic lights with a separate function system for each traffic light, putting into practice all the professionalism of our staff and also involving the Research and Development department to fully reinforce the project and meet every need.

To fit out the shop window, the staff of Stagnoli Accessories and Calzedonia combined forces and together developed numerous concepts for a winning design.

semafori allestimento vetrina

The shop window was fitted out with 16, two-light traffic lights to fully encompass the communication project, designed for Milan Design Week. “Start moving, get active” a message perfectly in line with the traffic light project by Stagnoli Accessories.

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