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Argo security photocell


Stagnoli’s revolutionary photocell, which adapt to any surface quickly and easily. The adjustable optics guarantees high adaptability and reliability over time.

Insulation and finishes

Adjustable optics +- 180° H, +30° -10° V

Wide cable accommodation

Models & Accessories

Adjustable and adaptable Argo photocell


Pair of unique wall-mounted photocells. Their soft design makes them usable on all types of gates, both residential and industrial. The optical unit can be oriented via a simple yet effective mechanical system that guarantees maximum mobility and long-lasting durable attachment. The IP65 rating is guaranteed by seals around the entire perimeter of the unit, but also by the internal double insulation of the electronics via a second cover whose purpose is precisely to protect the electronics from insects and/or infiltration. Accepts power from 12 to 24 V AC/DC, guaranteeing a range of action of 20 m, even under strong sun, fog, rain, or snow.

Photocell with tamper-proof cover


Tamper-proof cover in satinized aluminum

Technical Characteristics

Power 12V 24V AC/DC
Range 20 m
Output red LED

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