The ability to engineer solutions

Stagnoli is born in the the 80s by Mr Francesco Albiero. As all the successfull companies, also Stagnoli was born from a winning idea, the idea to use plastic material for mechanical applications. This idea was followed since the beginning from Mr Francesco Albiero who at today gives to the company a huge know how and from the technical and sales team that today represent the heart od Stagnoli. Thanks to the idea and to the long experience, Stagnoli has developed a huge range of its own products, both for the automations of doors and gates or for the security of the automation system.

Stagnoli historical company photo

Thanks to technological developments and new materials, increasingly light, quiet devices are entering large areas of each of our daily lives to simplify operations and automate processes.

Great precision is necessary to ensure performance and durability, not only with a heightened awareness of innovative materials, but above all with the ability to understand the specific technical needs of those doing metal replacement.

This knowledge cannot be improvised, but rather requires experience and continuous research.

Increasingly sophisticated automation has become a critical factor in the lives of people and businesses. Ensuring its continuity is not only a question of excellent products, but especially of dedicated, ongoing services.

Each highly technological product is, in reality, a concentration of human knowledge that enables beauty and functionality to be synthesized.

At Stagnoli, we develop metal replacement solutions to ensure movement-transmission systems that are precise, quiet, light, and high performing.

We create highly technological products based on our profound knowledge of innovative materials and close attention to your specific needs.

At Stagnoli, we offer automated solutions that represent a concentration of human knowledge, enabling the synthesis of beauty and functionality.

Made in Italy

At a time when many companies have relocated their production due to the economic crisis, Stagnoli stands out by keeping our production in Italy, where the company was founded and has grown. In fact, we have chosen to pursue the objectives of quality, innovation, and design, traits for which Italy and its manufacturing sector is increasingly being recognized. For many years and with growing conviction, therefore, we prefer to show the world what we can DO. Today we export to 50 countries, both in Europe and around the world.

Stagnoli from 1981 to 1988

Incorporation into individual business

Development of the range of thermoplastic gears

Invention and Patent Filed of nylon rack with steel core

Stagnoli from 1990 to 2000

Introduction of the range of Apollo traffic lights

Introduction of a range of accessories for safety and automatic openings

Transformation of the society in LLC, transfer of the headquartersin Desenzano del Garda.

Stagnoli from 2002 to 2006

New accessories: Pegasus flashing light, Atlas column, Argo photocells

The new electromechanical motors: Hercules, Alpheo Zefiro, Ulixes

Introduction of the Daphne automatic barrier

Stagnoli from 2006 to 2009

Transfer to the new headquarters in Lonato del Garda, in a facility of 7,000 sq.m

Development and introduction on the market of the Energy battery kit, which allows energy savings

Stagnoli from 2013 to 2015

Introduction of the new Hermes electromechanical motor for swing gate, equipped with mechanical stops (patented)

Introduction of the new A24 control board that can be used on all motors of the Stagnoli range.

Stagnoli from 2016 to 2019

Nylon Power rack 1200 kg Patent Filed

Launch of the new CHRONOS traffic light

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