Stagnoli Accessories Lonato (BS)


The Doppler (or microwave) sensor is for industrial and civil uses and is capable of recognizing the direction of travel and differentiating the type of object based on its mass.

Easy programming – Insulation – Functionality

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Stagnoli Accessories Lonato (BS)


This Doppler sensor, a radar in all respects, is capable of detecting and recognizing the approach of an object, differentiating a pedestrian from a car or truck. In addition to recognizing the direction of travel, it allows crossings to be managed safely and accurately. Moreover, installation is very quick with respect to other sensors. All these characteristics make the product a great sensor capable of responding to a wide range of market requirements.

Stagnoli Accessories Lonato (BS) sensori


IR programming remote control

Technical Characteristics

Power 24 V AC/DC
Range 15t
Contact 1 NC contact
Programming buttons

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