Our range of gate racks is composed of numerous models, designed to meet the needs of any professional and any type of gate, such as light ones in aluminium or industrial ones.

In particular, since 1981, Stagnoli has been producing nylon racks with capacities up to 1200kg. The difference from iron ones is that nylon racks guarantee different benefits: lightweight, no lubrication, rust-free and silent, just some of the benefits of this material. Furthermore, with the nylon rack, there is no need to carry out any welding, which is instead required for iron racks and which involves more machining in the assembly process.

Stagnoli guarantees an efficient service to its clients, dealing first hand with the manufacture of its racks for gates, starting with the choice of raw materials up to definition of the printing process and quality testing. The constant monitoring of each detail during the production phases allows manufacture of an excellent quality product completely Made in Italy. Furthermore, use of advanced technologies and in-depth research into design make our proposal the best solution for any sector and for any system.


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Technology, originality and quality are the keywords that define our range of racks for sliding gates.

We guarantee various advantages with this product range:
lightness, no lubrication, no rust and silence are just a brief
summary of the advantages you can get when using
a nylon instead of iron rack.
With our rack, there is no longer the need for troublesome welding
that the iron rack instead requires.

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