Residential Rack Patent

Our nylon rack grew out of a desire to offer an alternative to traditional iron racks. In fact, iron racks present some disadvantages, including rust, noise, the lack of electrical insulation, and the need for lubrication. Various attempts had been made previously to create racks with iron-free materials for the market, but these were unsuccessful due to manufacturing difficulties and the technical reliability of the final product.

The rack made by Stagnoli, instead, was pressed on the steel bar in three consecutive segments, immediately displaying optimum linearity and mechanical performance under strain.

With our long experience in moulding and improvements to the production process, we have achieved production of single modules a metre in length and with enhanced mechanical performance.

Stagnoli brevetto cremagliera
brevetto cremagliera 1.200 kg

Nylon power racks

With the goal of increasing our range of products, we have designed a solution for heavy gates (above 1,000 kg). To achieve this, the form of the standard attachment was modified, allowing the rack to be fixed at three points for each attachment rather than just one, as in the standard model.

This allows the force to be distributed uniformly, noticeably reducing bending. The moulding material was also changed and a rounded shape for the tooth base was chosen, leading to an increase in capacity of 50% compared to the previous version.

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