Nylon gate rack ACRN5

For 40 years, Stagnoli have been producing a vast range of accessory products for automatic gates and industrial signalling. Thanks to the use of top quality materials and production 100% Made in Italy, Stagnoli products are resistant and last over time. Furthermore, use of advanced technologies and in-depth research into design make our proposal the best solution for the automation sector.

Nylon gate racks are among the vast range of products offered by our company, designed in every detail for maximum efficiency.

Nylon gate racks by Stagnoli

Our range of nylon gate racks is composed of numerous models, designed to meet the needs of any type of gate, such as light ones in aluminium or industrial ones.

In particular, Stagnoli produces nylon racks, with a steel core, compatible with all automations. They differ from iron ones thanks to the many benefits offered, such as:

  • Lightness;
  • Self-lubrication;
  • No rust;
  • Silence;
  • Resistance against atmospheric agents;
  • Cost savings.

Furthermore, nylon gate racks require no welding, compared to iron ones that require a more machined assembly process.

The new nylon gate rack ACRN5: clever, strong and light

After 40 years, Stagnoli presents the new ACRN5 rack, representing the evolution of the famous rack with a steel core, in three different aspects:

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The absence of the steel core internally in technopolymer does not compromise straightness and linearity despite its length being over 1 metre, which is thanks to the geometries designed to eliminate deformations.

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The presence of 5 central couplings and the double teeth indistinctly allow use in two directions of the rack, making it perfectly symmetrical.

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Thanks to the continuous research and development of plastic materials, this nylon rack is tested for gates with a maximum capacity of 500Kg.

Nylon gate racks with screw holes

Product packaged on pallets of 1020 m sub-divided into:

  • bundles of 6 nylon racks x 100cm, with 30 self-tapping and self-piercing screws.

(5 self-tapping, self-piercing screws for each metre of rack)

Nylon racks for gates industrial and residential usage

Stagnoli guarantees an efficient service to its clients, dealing first hand with the manufacture of its nylon gate racks, starting with the choice of raw materials up to definition of the moulding process and quality testing. The constant monitoring of every detail during the production phases allows manufacture of an excellent quality product.