For 40 years, Stagnoli has been producing a wide range of accessories for automatic gates and industrial signage. Thanks to know-how aquired over the years, the use of top-quality materials and 100% Made in Italy production, our products prove to be durable and long-lasting. The use of cutting-edge technologies and in-depth research in design, make our proposal always in step with needs of the market.

Among our company wide range of products there are nylon gate racks, designed in every detail for their maximum efficiency.

ACRN5 is the high-performance nylon rack: designed, manufactured and tested in our factories.

The ACRN5 nylon sliding gate rack: what is there to know?

Our nylon gate rack catalog of slidings consists of different models, designed to meet the needs of any professional and on any field of application.

ACRN5 is the nylon rack without a steel core, made entirely of technopolymer, designed and tested for gates up to 500 kg.

ACRN5 features 5 central attachments and patented double toothing, this nylon rack for sliding gates features a mode of use on both sides, allowing installation on all gate automations.

Materials make it particularly light, easy to install and transport, but its carefully designed geometries guarantee a load capacity of 500kg, ensuring toth strength and durability.

ACRN5 is packaged in pallets divided into bundles of six 100-cm nylon racks.

In addition, the necessary screws for fastening are available in the catalog (cod. SACN5)

screws for nylon racks sacn5

Stagnoli guarantees efficient service to its customers by taking the lead in the manufacture of its nylon gate racks, starting from the selection of raw materials to the definition of the molding process and quality testing.

Are you looking for a nylon rack for sliding gates? You’ve found it: it’s ACRN5!