loading dock led light with articulated arm

Our company is specialized in the design and production of traffic lights for industrial signalling. In addition to the offer of a wide range of traffic lights and accessories for gates, we have added lamps for loading and unloading docks to our catalogue.

Our product range now includes the 30W lamp with a 100 cm single articulated arm.

Stagnoli’s LED light with articulated arm for loading docks

With an adjustable arm and a high-intensity light, the lamps for loading bays optimize visibility on trailers during the loading and unloading process. These are devices designed to create an efficient and safe working environment.

The new lamp with articulated arm presents several features which make it the ideal solution for truck lighting when moving goods:

  • The powerful lamp effectively enlightens the entire trailer length;
  • Its design is compact and robust, with an impact and collision resistant aluminium body;
  • The arm is extendable to up to 100 cm, making the device very versatile and functional;
  • The power switch is incorporated;
  • It is a certified product with an IP 65 protection rating.

Thanks to the light with articulated arm, the transport and logistics operations are much safer and faster. The high level of lighting is guaranteed by a 30W LED light, which provides intense lighting with low energy consumption. To avoid impairing its functioning in case of collisions with objects and goods during work, the lamp is protected by a robust metal cage.

Our LED light for loading bays has a beam angle of 110° and can also be used in critical conditions, with temperatures ranging from -40°C to 60°C.

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