Since 1981, Stagnoli has stood out in the design and production of accessories for automated gates and industrial signalling, thanks to our pursuit of the highest standards of quality, innovation and design.  

Our wide-ranging catalogue includes solutions for signalling and security, and a series of nylon gate racks. In addition, we offer key selector switches for automated gates, either wall- or flush-mounted.

All the Stagnoli key selector switches for automated gates

Selector key switches are devices designed to select and set the operation of automated doors, gates, garage doors and other types of barrier. These accessories complete the automatic opening and closing system, and offer great flexibility of application and customisation for a wide range of needs.

key selector switches for automated gates

To ensure optimal operation of automated gates, Stagnoli supplies two types of key selectors. All models are available with either one or two microswitches, featuring mechanical components with a very high life cycle and the ability to withstand up to 230V and 2A. Thanks to meticulous design and superb materials, we can guarantee that our key selectors for automated gates are robust, efficient and, above all, long-lasting. 

Wall-mounted selectors

Stagnoli wall-mounted selectors are characterised by meticulous design and 100% Italian production. The die-cast aluminium case means the selector can withstand even extreme shocks.

We offer a choice of selectors with cylindrical, unique or triangular keys.

Flush-mounted selectors

Designed and manufactured in Italy, our flush-mounted selectors feature a die-cast aluminium case and can be recessed in walls to minimise bulk.

Stagnoli produces flush-mounted selectors with cylindrical, unique or triangular keys; emergency covers are also available.

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