photocells for automatic gates

Automatic gates are increasingly common; used for access to homes and residential complexes, they work by means of an electric motor and photocells. The latter receive signals and detect obstacles to initiate or pause the opening or closing of the gate.

Stagnoli Accessories is a specialist in the manufacture of accessories for gates. Our comprehensive catalogue also includes the ARGO, an intelligent and beautifully designed photocell for residential entrances.

The photocell for automatic gates in residential complexes by Stagnoli Accessories

Photocells are devices installed near the automatic gate. They are mounted perpendicular to the direction of movement to be monitored, and an infrared beam runs between the two ARGO components (transmitter and receiver), creating a real invisible barrier. When this is broken by an object (a vehicle or a person), it sends a signal to the linked control panel, which acts accordingly to prevent impact.

ARGO consists of a pair of photocells, and is uniquely versatile. It can be used on industrial and residential automatic gates, but also in more complex systems such as car parks, loading and unloading bays or any location where extraneous objects need to be detected. The mechanics are simple and effective, while the optical system can be adjusted to ensure maximum compatibility with all types of installation, as it can be mounted on supports that are not perfectly central.

The ARGO photocell for gates of all types is safe and functional, with an IP65-rated seal enclosing the electronics and making the device perfectly insulated and protected from insects and leaks.

It also has the option of additional anti-vandalism protection developed by Stagnoli. The AFAPC cover in satinized aluminium protects the photocell from theft and vandalism, and is also more effective in terms of design.

What are the main characteristics of the ARGO photocell for automatic gates?

photocells for residential entrances
  • An operational range of 20 metres even in difficult conditions such as intense sun, fog, rain or snow;
  • Adjustable optical system +- 180°H, +30° -10° V;
  • 12 – 24 V AC/DC power supply
  • Superb quality finish for maximum insulation of the electronics;
  • Signal output with red LED;
  • Relay switch with NC/NO contacts, maximum capacity 250 mA.

Installation of the ARGO is quick and simple, with maximum integration of the photocell in other systems.

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