lighting for loading bays

Goods loading/unloading bays are designed – as standard or customized – to facilitate the loading and unloading of rear-loading trucks.

The installation of systems that facilitate maneuvers and manage the flow of vehicles ensures rapid and safe operations in loading bays. We have more than 40 years of experience in the design and production of traffic lights for industrial use, and our catalogue includes a wide range of products for lighting in loading bays for the logistic industry.

Stagnoli LED lights for loading bays: the ideal solution for your maximum safety

Choosing appropriate accessories improves the efficiency and safety of a loading bay and its operations. To support all logistics companies in the control and management of operations, we have introduced a new catalogue of lighting products for loading bays.

Constant traffic and the vulnerability of these areas require suitable lighting and effective control systems. Our lamps for loading bays are designed to guarantee maximum brightness in areas dedicated to the movement of goods.

Our lamps for loading bays guarantee superior lighting inside vehicles, making loading and unloading operations faster and safer. They are made with materials that can withstand collisions between vehicles or other machinery used to move goods. Furthermore, LED lamps give bright light with low energy consumption.

The range available consists of a flexible lamp (20W) and modular solutions composed of lamps (30W or 50W) accompanied by brackets (single or double, from 100 to 150 cm in length). All our products are IP65 certified and made of extremely robust materials.

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