Our light signalling catalogue of products includes various models of traffic control lights, designed to best manage traffic in car parks, airports and industrial areas. We put all our passion, that makes us stand out, into our work and our production, taking care of every detail of our products.

To manufacture our traffic light systems, we put particular attention on their strength and their design, using first choice aluminium and technopolymers to guarantee maximum efficiency. To ensure the quality of Made in Italy, all Stagnoli traffic lights are designed and manufactured in our Lonato del Garda headquarters.


The top of the range of our traffic lights, available in the 1-2 and 3 light versions.



The Apollo is our historic traffic light, sold in more than 60 countries around the world.


Apollo Plast

Apollo Plast has been highly successful in the garage door, industrial door and fast door.


Traffic management in car parks, garages, airports and oil platforms is the market at which our products are targeted.

We offer a wide range of traffic lights having different characteristics to meet of market requirements.
We make all of our traffic lights at our headquarters in Lonato del Garda with the care and attention that distinguishes all of our products.

We place great importance on the raw materials – from the aluminium section bars to the reinforced technopolymers used in the supports and brackets – in order to achieve the end result and be proud of making a 100% Made in Italy quality product.

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