We at Stagnoli Accessories have a single, clear objective: to create innovative and excellent quality products to give our clients 100% satisfaction. This is why our gate accessories and industrial signage catalogue is composed of products completely “Made in Italy”, designed and manufactured by our professional staff.

The Apollo LED traffic light for industrial use is a signage device manufactured in aluminium and plastic, certified IP65.

All the characteristics of the Apollo LED traffic light for industrial use by Stagnoli Accessories

Sold in over 60 countries worldwide, the Apollo industrial traffic light in aluminium is used internationally in industrial signage for loading bays, garages and commercial businesses. This device is suitable for application in indoor and outdoor spaces, easy to install, vandal-proof and resistant to impact and atmospheric agents.

led traffic light for industrial use

This solution is available in various versions, to meet every client’s needs:

  • Traffic light with 1 light, available in the version (red, yellow, green) or twin colour (red/green) in a single body. Its maximum size is 217 mm.
  • Traffic light with 2 lights in the version (red/green) or directional, 394 mm high.
  • Traffic light with 3 lights, red, green and yellow, 577 mm high.

The Apollo LED industrial traffic light is distinguished both for its solid structure in aluminium and for the maximum brightness of its lights. In fact, thanks to the 25 LED in the lenses, it makes any signal clear and obvious, with 50 Lux brightness. The lens has a 120 mm diameter and you can choose two types of power: 24 or 230 V.

The Apollo industrial traffic light has three accessories:

  • The ASFK230 conversion kit allows use of Apollo 24 V to 230 V industrial traffic lights;
  • The pair of AMPS brackets allow coupling of the traffic light on the pole;
  • The 60 mm diameter APS galvanised pole is the ideal support for the Apollo traffic light and is 3 metres long.

The Apollo LED traffic light can be customised. In fact, Stagnoli Accessories offers all its clients a customisation service of the traffic control light lens.

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