A Bulgarian company and leader in engineering and distribution of safety systems, active on the market for over thirty years, asked to collaborate with Stagnoli as they needed a four-traffic light kit combined with a control unit capable of controlling them. The client required management of all the entrances to the car park, accessible via a ramp over four storeys:

  • Road level (p0);
  • Level -1;
  • Level -2;
  • Level -3.
installazione centrale semaforica per parcheggio

It was fundamental for the client to control the entrances to the ramp, avoiding multiple vehicles travelling on it in the opposite direction.

Having gathered all the information and requirements from the client, Stagnoli immediately set about finding the best solution for optimal management of the car park and its traffic lights.

How did we manage the request? By installing a “Saturno” traffic light control system for car parks

Our client’s main requirement was installation of a traffic light at the entrance of the ramp (level 0) and another three on the exits of the various storeys of the car park. It was also essential to program all the traffic control lights to best manage the entrances to the car park.

  • With a user exiting, three traffic lights had to turn red and one green (the one where the user is leaving);
  • Without vehicles circulating, all the traffic lights at the exits of the storeys had to be red, while the one at the entrance to the ramp was green.

To meet all the client’s requirements, Stagnoli proposed:

  • Installation of the SATURNO traffic light control unit for car parks, whose modularity allows management of up to 10 traffic lights simultaneously. Among the many methods of zoned car parks and multi-storey car parks, SATURNO can also control the system by priority; given an exit traffic light on various storeys and one at road entrance level, the control unit allows setting a default behaviour with the entrance traffic light being green and all the others red. The SATURNO board is composed of a Master (code SATURNO-M) and four Slaves (code SATURNO-S), one per traffic light.
  • Installation of four, multi-voltage CHRONOS traffic lights with high brightness LEDs (code CHR2LRV), with a contemporary design and manufactured using top quality materials;
  • Installation of three, single channel metal mass sensors (code DA021).
  • Implementation of a safety button, to wire on the specific master input or the nearest traffic light, capable of allowing traffic flow management, even in the event of an emergency.
Are you looking for a company to supply a traffic light control unit for your car park? You’ve found it: Stagnoli is for you.