firemen extinguishing a fire

To offer every sort of solution for any type of request, Stagnoli Accessories manufactures a vast catalogue of accessories for gates and industrial signalling. Highly technological devices, manufactured with top quality materials and unique design.

The many products offered by Stagnoli include flush-mounted or wall-mounted selectors designed for application in fire risk situations. A strong and innovative device.

Flush-mounted selectors for firemen by Stagnoli Accessories

The flush-mounted selectors for firemen were designed specifically to last over time, thanks to use of quality materials and their detailed design. With a die cast aluminium case,  the flush-mounted selectors can resist the worst knocks and highest temperatures.

The flush-mounted switches by Stagnoli are available in different models:

  • ASIP1S: a flush-mounted wall selector with a single micro-switch, European cylinder and unambiguous key.
  • ASIP2S: a device with 2 micro-switches, European cylinder and unambiguous key.
  • ASIP2P: a flush-mounted switch with 2 micro-switches, cylinder for triangular key measuring 14mm and an emergency cover.
Flush-mounted switches for fire stations

In designing these products, particular attention was given to the electromechanical parts, chosen specifically to achieve a longer product life cycle. They manage loads up to 230V and 2A and are all manufactured in aluminium and nylon. The reduced dimensions and their versatility allow their installation and application on any type of gate, door or industrial door.

In particular, model ASIP2P was designed for use in situations where the fire brigade must be able to open doors, industrial doors or gates using the triangular key. It was in fact designed to meet the individual needs of these professional figures.

Do you need a flush-mounted switch for firemen? Stagnoli has the perfect product for you.