Lampeggiante a led con antenna integrata

For 20 years, in Lonato del Garda, Stagnoli Accessories has been producing flashing LED lights with integrated antenna for automated gates. Other than developing know-how over time in the search for performing solutions in this field, Stagnoli Accessories has proven its foresight by creating a design years ago that is still to this day considered modern, minimal and highly appreciated for its discretion. Not by chance, in 2003, Pegasus won the 10th edition of Grand Design.

premio al design 2003 lampeggiante pegasus

Today, Stagnoli Accessories has enriched the range of flashing LED lights for gates for residential and industrial use by offering its clients new colours other than the standard yellow (code: APGL) : orange (code: APAL) and transparent (code: APNL).

Lampeggiante a led con antenna integrata

Discover the Pegasus flashing light for gates.

Flashing LED lights for gates: the characteristics offered by Stagnoli

Flashing LED lights by Stagnoli Accessories are:

  • designed for installation on every type of system
  • designed for residential and industrial use
  • designed for automation of any gate
  • programmable with fixed or intermittent light
  • with integrated 433Mhz antenna
  • multi-voltage from 12V to 230V

Why is it important to fit a flashing LED light on a gate?

Flashing lights are safety devices that signal opening or closure of a gate. Thanks to their light signalling, dangerous situations are avoided during use of an automated gate. Stagnoli flashing LED lights are Made in Italy and assembled with first choice materials to guarantee resistance and safety.

Are you looking for flashing LED lights for automated gates? Choose the quality of an Italian manufacturer like Stagnoli Accessories.