centralina gestione semafori

Stagnoli presents the “SATURNO” product with a new look, focusing attention on the minimum technical details that characterise traffic light control units.

The traffic light control units are electronic equipment capable of managing two or more traffic lights that work simultaneously inside restricted zones, such as airports, industrial or logistics areas and car parks.

With the objective of organising and optimising traffic control lights, Stagnoli proposes in its catalogue the SATURNO traffic light management control unit, a technologically advanced product 100% Made in Italy.

SATURNO, the 10-traffic light control unit

For control and management of different traffic lights, you must use a functional and efficient traffic light control unit. To meet the needs of the working sectors which must manage up to 10 traffic lights inside a single space, Stagnoli designed the SATURNO control unit, a traffic control light management board.

The SATURNO traffic light management control unit allows control of 2 or more traffic lights operating simultaneously. It can manage up to 10 traffic lights connected to a cabled network with industrial serial port 485 which guarantees a distance up to 1km. A control unit is easily programmable using the web interface and any smart device without any application.

The SATURNO command control unit for 10 traffic lights can also check the system by priority, allowing customisation of the default behaviour of the traffic control lights.

The SATURNO traffic light management control unit is composed of:

  • A Master (code SATURNO-M);
  • 2 Slaves (code SATURNO-K), other Slaves available separately.

SATURNO was designed, manufactured and tested by Stagnoli. Our company carefully checks each phase of the production cycle to guarantee products with utmost quality. To offer efficient and functional traffic light control units, we are constantly up-to-date with technological developments, thereby guaranteeing maximum performance and maximum practicality of all our products.

Are you searching for a traffic light management control unit? Stagnoli has the right product for you.