20w flexible dock lamp

Thanks to its know-how in the design and production of traffic lights for industrial signalling, Stagnoli enriches its product range with lamps for the illumination of loading and unloading bays. A dedicated offer to ensure safety and efficiency in the handling of goods.

Among the new product range, Stagnoli offers the loading dock lamp with flexible arm and 20W LED light.

All the features of the LED lamp with flexible arm

Compact and easy to handle, Stagnoli’s new 20W articulated arm lamp enables efficient visibility at loading docks thanks to its easy installation on trucks and trailers.

20w flexible dock lamp

The 20W loading dock lamp with flexible arm features:

  • A powerful 27-inch LED source, housed in an aluminium body that protects it from shocks and damage;
  • A brightness of 2800-3000 lumens;
  • Corrosion resistance thanks to the top-quality materials used in its production;
  • Integrated button on the lamp body to control its switching on and off;
  • 700 mm flexible arm;
  • IP 65 protection rating certification.

The lamp is easy to install and has four mounting slots on trailers, machinery or walls.

Good visibility of the loading and unloading bays is ensured by an innovative 20W LED, which is also water-resistant and guarantees low power consumption.

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