sistema di run-in per semafori

To guarantee a high level of quality to its products, Stagnoli avails of run-in systems for traffic lights. The run-in systems for traffic lights are test benches designed to perform tests and automatic or semi-automatic checks on an end product or any component or semi-processed part.

To create a quality run-in bench for traffic lights, research is essential into the best technologies and a test specification must be drafted, i.e. a description of the test phases that should be carried out to check correct operation of the product to test.

Run-in benches for traffic lights and traffic light boards

Each run-in system must be designed on individual needs and applications to obtain maximum performance. The test specification must include the necessary stimuli, the communications and acquisitions of quantities to achieve. Based on these data, the essential hardware is designed for testing, mechanics and software.

The hardware is implemented starting with selection and dimensioning of the power supply units and configuration of the control system, composed of:

  • Digital and analogue acquisition boards;
  • Interface and communication boards.

The section is then designed in relation to loads and/or signal adapters, i.e. the sensors necessary to achieve the final objective.

The mechanical component and the software of the run-in systems for traffic lights are then designed by a team of specialist technicians, who attentively develop its every detail, meeting every single test requirement.

The run-in benches for traffic light boards are systems manufactured with a structure in aluminium profile, protection for the 230Vac power supply and with the safety devices outlined by legislation in force.

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