Photocell for gates with vandal-proof protection

From 1981 to date, Stagnoli was established to create and design accessories for automatic gates and industrial signs using and taking advantage of all the benefits of plastic materials. Thanks to precious consultancy, professional know-how and a team of qualified experts, Stagnoli is a highly technological company that pays particular attention to the quality of its products and customer satisfaction.

To meet every need, Stagnoli designed and manufactured ARGO, the photocell for automatic gates with vandal-proof protection: a versatile and reliable device with a 20 m capacity capable of managing residential and industrial passageways.

ARGO is the photocell for automatic gates with vandal-proof protection by Stagnoli Accessories

ARGO by Stagnoli is composed of a pair of photocells with a smooth design, usable on any type of industrial or residential gate. Thanks to a simple and efficient mechanical system, the optical system is adjustable, guaranteeing maximum mobility and long-lasting fastening over time.

They are safe devices, with an IP65 degree ensured by a gasket over the entire perimeter, as well as the entirely insulated electronics to avoid entry of insects and infiltrations that could otherwise damage the photocell.

To increase the safety level of the Stagnoli photocell for gates, we also propose a vandal-proof protection formed by the AFAPC cover in satin aluminium, designed to protect the device from theft and faults caused by those with malicious intent.

Photocells for gates with vandal-proof protection

The main characteristics of the ARGO photocell for automatic gates are:

  • The power supply from 12 to 24V ac/dc;
  • Adjustable lens +- 180°H, +30° -10° V
  • An action range of 20m also in the event of strong sun, fog, rain or snow;
  • Signal output with red led;
  • Top quality finish for maximum electronic insulation.

The assembly of this device is simple and fast to ensure maximum efficiency and easy integration on any system.

Do you need a photocell for gates with vandal-proof protection?