Stagnoli has specialised in the design and production of industrial signalling and gate accessories for over 40 years. Over the course of our career, we have developed extensive technical know-how and an efficient and functional sales structure. Today, these characteristics make us a benchmark in our professional sector.

Our extensive catalogue includes the Apollo Plast traffic light for vehicle access control in industrial areas, ideal for garage doors, industrial doors and high-speed doors.

The characteristics of the Apollo Plast traffic light for industrial areas are:

The Apollo Plast modular traffic light is a modular solution to suit your needs. It is available in a single one-light body but can be combined with other modules. Clips placed under the traffic light allow you to easily compose your product using up to 3 bodies.

This feature makes it highly versatile and applicable in numerous sectors and contexts.

The main technical characteristics:

  • 120 mm diameter lens;
  • Board with 18 24V high-brightness LEDs;
  • 35 Lux brightness;
  • Robust and lightweight technopolymer body.

The product has a certified IP65 rating, the ideal solution for industrial environments. At the rear, it features a cable clip that allows the cable to be concealed and avoids it from being seen.

It is available in red, yellow, green or twin-colour (red and green) light versions.

The Apollo Plast traffic light for industrial areas also features three important accessories:

  • ASFK230: the conversion kit that allows the traffic light to be used from 24V to 230V;
  • AMPS: is the pair of brackets for attaching the product to a pole;
  • APS: is the galvanised pole ideal for supporting the modular traffic light, 3 m long.

Stagnoli offers a customisation service for Apollo Plast lenses on request for maximum use of the product.

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